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“Sir, Are You Ready To Be A Hypnotized Sex Slave? What If I Used Only Use One Suggestion And If It Didn’t Put You Under, You Would, Quite Literally, Never Come Again! 

From The Most Deviant, Powerful & Controlling On The Planet... 
You Will Obey Even If You Resist And Don't Want To! 

From The Desk of Hypnotist Kali DuBois 

Dear Curious,

I have a question for you...

“Sir, what would you want to experience if you wanted to programmed for consensual hypnotized sex or mind slavery? What if I could only use one suggestion and if it didn’t put you under, you would, quite literally, be loose and limp for the rest of your life?"

I know. I know. This is NOT War.

Try thinking like that sometime...like your physical ability to fuck actually depends on the success of my hypnosis technique. Can you do that?

Okay. Now that we have the right mind-set, let me ask you some more questions. 

Did you know that, some hypnosis trainers only teach how to heal smokers and the morbidly obese? Others just like the sound of their own voice. Others like to corrupt you with their beliefs of past lives and fluff. And so on. NOT me. What I’m into if anything were to happen at a given moment...

What It Takes To Sleep At The Foot of My Bed
I’m telling you, there is nothing like facing a person eye-ball to eye-ball from two feet away and putting you under before you can blink an eye. 

It’s great to conduct yourself in an invisible way, with no intention she can perceive, and then, when she comes up close enough to check what you have out..
“You Destroy Her Critical Factor” 
You explode into action and put her under to the point where her eyes gloss over in one second.

 Wanting nothing but to know who you are, what you can do for her and how she can be sexually taken in new and different ways. 
“Oh God, How I Love It.”
I was in the 21 Club (a cheap beer drinking dive) late one evening and this fat red neck, with piggy eyes and a mean streak watched me walk in the door and sit down.

  He had the hottest chicks in the joint sitting at his table. He laughed in my direction as he read my t-shirt. “Hypnosis..." He huffed.

I look like a skinny teenager even though I’m 34 years old, six feet tall and I weigh 120 pounds. 

The guy looked me up and down, decided he could make a fool out of me to impress these chicks. 

 He swaggered towards me as he told everyone in the joint “you can hypnotize... hypnotize me then. Ohhh la la you got some magical powers... You are hypnotist. Aren’t you?”

 I just stand there as he comes up to me and pokes his fat pudgy finger to the saying on shirt.

 I squeezed this jerk’s wrist with my left hand and his inner elbow with my right, disrupting his focus.I lean in and whisper into his ear a pattern he will never forget.

 The fat pig dropped to his knees, out on his feet. I had dropped him just like I was Dirty Harry. 

 Then, I spot his idiot drinking buddy closing from the rear... Instantly he goes into mass confusion and the women at the far table giggle as they watch this slobbering prick try to hand crawl away from me. 

 Then you know what I did? I wiped the sweat from my brow and sat down at the bar, and each one of those chicks came up to me.
“The Joy of Mental Slaughter is Awesome”
 Yes sir baby, anytime you have any of those nasty street pukes with a mean ugly streak bothering you just to impress some ‘whiskey-wild’ chicks, it is your duty to make sure it is you who walks away... with their women wanting to know who is this man?

  That’s a true story. I swear.

  Now I’ll tell you something. 

No matter how long you’ve been training in hypnosis, no matter how good you think you are... a BLOODY WAR STORY will always get your attention! 

Especially when you know deep down, it’s not hot air.

I want to impress upon you that there is a fine line between knowing how to manipulate minds and being a manipulative person.

 And know this... just because you know how to manipulate a mind you will always offend some lily-white prude, no matter how tame you really are!

Listen up. 

We just put together a “crash course” on Forbidden Patterns for those who don’t feel like pussy-footing around. 

Who are tired of being told what to do and how to do it by trainers who just want to heal the smokers and fat people of this world. 

She has available some of the best hypnosis for sex secrets known to mankind.  

When you learn how-to-use “Forbidden Patterns Enhancement” techniques properly, the additional results you get can be so amazing, they may take your breath away.

These Forbidden materials are only offered to mature hypnosis students, 18 years old and older who promise not to use them. 

 This is one set of skills that are too powerful and — quite frankly — too dangerous for the general public.
 When “The Forbidden Patterns” are used — it not only can change an opinion, it can destroy and totally obliterate a mind.

 And it stays in operation until you get it fixed or until you slowly, over time, put the pieces back into place. 

But for some people, that will never happen and it will be like wiping her mind clean.
“Despite, Wiping Her Mind Clean, Believe Me; Knowing How-To Effectively Turn Her Into Putty In Your Hands, Whenever You Choose, Will Really Open Your Eyes!”
I personally was a desperate skinny nerd from the farm! When I would get sex, the person was doing it out of the mercy of their heart.

When I would do hypnosis with her it was so obvious, she would be like, “What the hell are you doing?” and jump out of bed like I was some creep. 

 So I started to study. Hard. I read everything I could get my hands on about hypnosis, covert hypnosis, and mental dominance. 

I mean everything.

 If my local library or bookstore didn’t have hypnosis book I wanted, I would drive hundreds of miles to get it. 

Let me tell you. I was driven. 

I read it all. I was voracious. 

I went on a reading frenzy with the same passion a Great White shark goes on a feeding frenzy.

I also knew that just reading while I sat idly on my skinny buttocks was of no more value to my learning how to hypnotize effectively for sex in a covert way than a computer is to a garbage dump dog...so I took a hypnotherapy course.

 Their stuff just didn’t work. It didn’t work for what I was after. 

 There are so many assholes, and so few bullets. Learning how-to-hypnotize for healing big fat depressed ladies to stop shoveling food down just was not my bag. 

 So anyway, after about two years (I’m sometimes a slow learner) of this dreary training, I sat down and did some thinking.

 I said to myself something like this,  
“Kali, what would you study if you had to make a hypnotized sex slave? What if you could only get off one suggestion and, if you didn’t put her into trance, you would, quite literally, be beheaded?”
Try thinking like that sometime...like your life actually depends on the success of your hypnosis technique.

 Can you do that?

Now listen, if, for real, you had to get her to completely succumb to your will or really would be murdered, how would you do it?

First, I bet you would not study hypnotherapy the way it’s taught, nor hypnosis for healing stupid people who create their own drama, nor hypnosis for healing all the fat people and smokers in this world. 

Certainly not if your life depended on it. Would you? 

I sure wouldn’t.

Not on my life I wouldn’t. 

If quite literally my life depended on it, I was going to study with a real life, honest-to-God, first-class killer that actually knew how to walk his talk.

  That is when I ran across a master hypnotist and NLP guru Chase (his training verified for me how he was hypnotizing women) he was showing how you can recognize when someone use hypnosis on you covertly. 

He explained how these patterns are getting out in the worst possible way.

He said a few trainers are using them just to be nasty and vindictive. 

Notice, I’m hearing about the patterns being used here, not denials.

 So right now, the only way to learn about these patterns is to be on the receiving end with obvious consequences.
"It’s EASY To Cause Serious Sexual Addiction With These Forbidden Patterns! "
  • How to find the secret motivators that turn people on sexually!
  • The basic 5 secrets on how to capture the complete obedient sexual attention of people! 
  • The fine points of covert patterns that no hypnosis school or NLP trainer knows!
  • How to give sexual commands that will always be obeyed! 
  • What really makes her resist sexual suggestion, and how to stop them verbally!
  • Why there is no such thing as a non-hypnotized sexual partner!
  • How to give yourself the right “look” so you are not messed with!
  • Secrets of Speed Hypnosis for “Sexual Trance Enhancement”!
  • Exactly how-to-do deceptive sexual hypnosis, without being a creep or into domination!
  • How to sexually master total strangers immediately! 
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do and the BRAIN IS FROZEN!
  • How to turn a losing rapport connection hypnotically into an instant success!
  • How to use the secret of verbal brainwashing for sex!
  • How to hold and increase your power and mastery over them using just one pattern! 
  • When using a pattern isn’t the best solution and what to do instead!
  • How to get people to tell you their secrets! 
  • How to build an army of devout followers that sexually want to please you! These secrets were documented while DuBois secretly (under the guise of a follower) observed a infamous self-proclaimed sex Guru and how this woman had other women do her bidding! Money, sex and drugs. 
  • How to use these patterns and NOT go to jail, even if you stay around for the cops!
  • And you need ORGASM TRAINING!!!
“Why Orgasm Training?”
This has been proven with well researched evidence that an average hypnotist cannot give a full blown wet orgasm hypnotically...unless the hypnotist knows how-to first trigger an orgasm naturally. 

Note: one very well-known hypnosis trainer refused to teach his students on sex. He was just as awkward about sexuality as a boy going through puberty.

So to create hypnotized sexual partners you must know how to give a physical orgasm without her faking it.

  That should be enough to give you the idea what the “Forbidden Patterns For Consensual Sexual Slavery” crash course is. 

There’s an awful lot more. 

The master keys come to you like greased lightening.

This material is priceless. No doubt about it. And it is worth its weight in gold.

 That is why we have to ask you the following questions before they are ever released:

Do you have the ability to find the way to use this material for good?

Do you have the ability to resist the temptation of just smashing someone covertly just because you have the power?

Can you walk away from a beautiful woman you met because you know that the relationship will not work out?

Can you accept that it can be deemed illegal to build a sexual cult?

IF you can genuinely answer yes to these questions (as well as the other ones that popped into your head as you were reading these) then you have the type of mentality that can withstand knowing these powers.

So here is what you are going to find inside the DVDs :

DVD #1 “Stop Them Cold, Forbidden Patterns”

There are over 9 different types of patterns to cause massive confusion, in the bedroom and on the street.

DVD #2 Forbidden Patterns: “The REAL Secrets On How To Sexually Master Total Strangers Immediately”

In over 90% of instantly meeting someone, you are judged within 5 seconds if they will sleep with your or not... but less than 8% of hypnosis schools teach how to work with this small time frame...and NONE teach how to use that time frame to your advantage sexually!

DVD #3 Forbidden Patterns: “Secrets of Speed Hypnosis for “Sexual Trance Enhancement” 

How-to-trance-out your people in ways that make them quiver from head to toe. 

Even if they are standing 4 feet from you. 

DVD #4 Forbidden Patterns: “Secrets on How To Give Sexual Commands That Will Always Be Obeyed!” 

A two hour seminar on how-to-use internal power to enhance your commands. 

There is a lot of talk about “deep understanding,” meaning you are supposed to be nice guy yet never demand what you want blatantly otherwise you look too aggressive or needy. That is all bullshit.

DVD #5 Forbidden Patterns: “Secrets of How-To-Do Deceptive Sexual Hypnosis"

More real “hard core” practical secrets integrating hypnosis during the art of seduction and sex. 

The thing is, you don’t have to be into domination to want a person to submit to your interests. It’s just a natural human desire.

 The thing is you can’t just go up to someone and hypnotize them for sex. 

It doesn’t work that way. Other hypnotists have done that and gone to jail. We want to keep your butt out of jail.

DVD #6 Forbidden Patterns: “The Secrets of Sexual Rapport”

How to use street effective rapport to get her comfortable, so you can easily slip in your patterns and have her think it’s all her own idea when she starts unzipping your pants...
I believe that “Forbidden Patterns” is one of the most important works DuBois have ever released.

 Although relatively short in length (it’s about six hours long), pound for pound, there is serious power packed in this package.

 But there is far more included.

Pay attention now.
Can You Be Ethically Bribed?
If you’re among the first 27 people to order within the next 10 days you will also get the following FREE $2000 in Bonuses! 

BONUS ONE: I am including transcripts and blueprints of these Forbidden Patterns. DuBois has never included a transcript before in any of her trainings but this time, the stakes are too high. If you are going to be able to say hell to everyone and learn this material, you need to be able to take them apart by yourself and analyze them.
(Value $249)

BONUS TWO:  I am also going to include a bonus of Forbidden Patterns on audio training. I can’t think of a better compliment then to be able to pop it in while you are driving and learn without having to take time out of your hectic schedule. 
(Value $295)

BONUS THREE: (And this one will take your breath away!) 

Because you need a thorough background in Hypnosis For Sex and Dating...

 ...I am including ENTRY INTO  

Silicon Valley 'Hypnosis For Sex Institute' SEMINAR: “SECRETS TO BUILDING A BETTER SEX LIFE WITH ADVANCED NLP.” (Value $1495) 

Hotel/event information is given only to attendees to keep this event private.

There are only 13 spots left open at this time. This private training will be led with advanced NLP trainers.

So, for all of you who have been asking for this material, the time to act is now. You can get your copy of “Forbidden Patterns” (plus all of the bonuses) for $1297 until Oct 14th 2021.

 Until October 14, there is a $300 Halloween Day Discount to bring the cost down to $997. 

But there’s an old saying, you snooze, you lose. Order it and save today.

Please give DuBois feedback on how you have found ways to use these patterns in positive ways.

Here is how to order.

If you want to do the 4 easy pay solution and still attend the seminar and get all the bonuses and all the Forbidden Patterns To Hypnotize Beautiful Women then click the easy pay button. 

If you want to get it now, we’ll include another 1,000 dollars worth in bonuses package that we have not mentioned yet. This training material was originally released only to Inner Circle Members.

  So this secret training you will get in addition to the bonuses, the seminar in Phoenix and the Forbidden Patterns to Hypnotize Beautiful Women... 

Click the big yellow button below now to get all of this shipped out discretely to you and also a special email from Kali DuBois who will give you information to the seminar.

So click the button before this entire training is gone forever.


Kali DuBois

P.S. Remember that before we process your order, you’ll need to fill out a form on our website promising only to use these strategies for defensive purposes.

P.P.S. Remember that when you order, you receive the Forbidden Patterns on CD’s, the video, the transcripts, the Forbidden Patterns Rapport, and the entire March San Francisco Seminar.

P.P.P.S. If you are serious about your hypnosis for sex skills and order the Forbidden Patterns and attend the March 2015, “SECRETS TO BUILDING A BETTER LOVER WITH ADVANCED HYPNOSIS," I will work with you outside of the training showing you how you can combine the two.

P.P.P.P.S. Remember, the time to order the Forbidden Patterns is now. The price goes up in two weeks and I am taking the set off the market at the end of February.

 Of course, if I hear that someone is misusing the patterns that I teach in this set, I may halt the sale sooner than that.
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